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All dogs over 3 months of age are required to be registered annually. Only two dogs can be kept on any property without Council approval, otherwise an annual permit fee applies to additional dogs. It is unlawful to keep an unspayed female or male dog unless the owner has paid an annual permit fee.  If a dog is found to be roaming in public places without being on a lead or under effective control, it may be impounded and charges will apply before release.

From December 2010 it became mandatory to register cats. Similar requirements apply as for dogs.
It is also mandatory that any dogs or cats born after 2010 are micro-chipped. If you buy or sell a cat or dog it also must be micro-chipped. Micro-chipping can only be done by a vet.

Torres Shire provides regular veterinary visits to Thursday Island. Contact Council Office for details of the next visit

To register your dog or cat  to download the Animal Registration Form.

Please feel free to come into the office or  to contact us.


Animal Registration Form

Pet Owners Responsibilities