Gymnasium Gymnasium

Both residents & visitors alike are encouraged to make use of this first class facility. It is located at the Torres Shire Sports Complex on Loban Road, Thursday Island.

You have the choice of working with:

•2 x Johnson Power Bikes
•1 x Concept 2 Rower
•1 x PEC Deck
•1 x Chin/Hip/Dip Frame
•1 x Seated Cable Row
•1 x Lat Pulldown
•1 x  Bench Press Bench
•1 x Smith Machine
•1 x Adj. Incline Bench
•1 x Adj. Decline Bench
•3 x Prone Bench
•1 x Olympic Bar
•1 x Olympic Curl Bar inc collars
•1 x Neutral Grip Lat Bar
•1 x Tricep Rope and;
•2 x 65cm Fit Ball