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Tender 02-2018 – Thursday Island - Ken Brown Oval - Field Lighting Project


Tender 03-2018 Thursday Island Sewerage Treatment Plant Upgrade Documents

As Built Drawings for Tender Zip File
Attch A_1-143420-01 STP
Attch C_TI STP Tender Pictures 
TENDER 032018 Switchboard
Annex A Switchboard & SCADA Spec
NP 3153 MT431 Technical specification
Agenda 1
Overview Layout  
Door Layout 1
Door Layout 2
Cable Selection

032018 Addenda 2 vF
STP Const Draw Control Room
Sewer Pump Station Well Details
Rosehilll Pump Station
Millman Hill Repeater Photos


Tender 04-2018 Register of Prequalified Suppliers for Trade Services for 12 Months

Part 1 Request for Tender
Part 2 Specifications
Part 3 Response For
Part 4 General Conditions of Contract


Tender 05-2018 Thursday Island Sewerage Treatment Plant Upgrade Inlet Structure Works

STP Construction Drawings Schedule(Rev)
Appx B Screen Channel Dwgs (Zip)
TENDER 052018 Inlet Screen FINAL

Appx A New Gate Inlet Upgrade
Appx C Inlet Works Photos

Tender 05/2018 Addenda #1


Tender 06/2018 - Loggy Creek Water Treatment Plant - Temporary Facility Supply, Horn Island

TSC Temporary WTP Tender Document

Loggy Creek Performance Specification


Tender 07/2018 - Design and Construct - Safe Landing Facility - Prince of Wales Island


Tender 08/2018 - Construction of Conrete Road at Prince of Wales Island

Construction of Concrete Road at Prince of Wales Island - Tender document

Design documents - POW Concrete Road



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