Public Notice - Approved Industry COVID Safe Plans


The Queensland Chief Health Officer, Dr. Jeanette Young has approved Industry COVID Safe Plans.

These are now available on the Queensland Government website at this link:

If you run or own a business and are not sure what to do to re-open your business, whilst at the same time complying with COVID-19 Directives, you may go to this link and then download a COVID Safe Plan for your industry. This website also has information regarding COVID Safe Checklists. You can also access information about COVID Safe Businesses and COVID Safe Business Framework.

It is important that you keep securely stored the name, address and mobile phone number of customers/clients for contact tracing purposes. You must keep this information for a period of at least 56 days, unless otherwise specified. This information must be made available for inspection by a public health officer. The information cannot be used for any other purpose other than for a public health purpose and must be deleted after 56 days.

Dalassa Yorkston