Child Care Centre

The Thursday Island Child Care Centre was built in March 1998 and is located on Victoria Parade, Thursday Island. Since beginning operation, it has proved to be an invaluable service to the community!

The transfer of the management of the Child Care Centre to The Gowrie (QLD) Inc. occurred in July 2015 with the official change over now being completed. This initial term for managing this centre is for three years. The Gowrie staff are planning for the provision of more facilities.

Council was involved in installing the new Kitchen as it is intended to provide food for the children. This was completed early in August. The community have benefited from this new management approach for child care with specialist skilled child care providers now managing the centre.

Feedback from parents with children at the centre has been positive and support the transition to Lady Gowrie to a specialist child care provider. 

For More information contact The Lady Gowrie Thursday Island Centre on:

Phone: 07 4069 2317
Fax: 07 4069 2594
Or visit there website at

Child Care Services Fact Sheet - CCMS Attendance Records

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