Mayor & Councilors

2020 -2024

MAYOR Yen Loban

Torres Shire Council Mayor





(07) 4069 1336 (Council)
TBC (direct Council)
Mobile: TBC

Fax: (07) 4069 1845 (Council)
Email: TBC

Work address: Office of the Mayor, 68 Douglas Street, Thursday Island


Corporate Governance & Regional Relations/Partnership, Native Title including, but not confined to Audit and Finance, Budget, Legislation, Inter-Government Relations, Regional Governance/Self Determination, also Torres and Capie Indigenous Councils Alliance (TCICA), Audit Committee

Register Of Interest - Mayor Yen Loban

Deputy Mayor Cr. Gabriel Bani

Cr Gabriel Bani

Mobile: 0439 791 044


P O Box 42,
Thursday Island  Qld  4875

Residential address: 11 Jardine Street, Thursday Island


Economic Developmment including, but not confined to, Commercial Enterprises, (Airport and Quarry) Commerce and Industry, Audit Committee, Native Title, SMall Business and Employment.

Register of Interest - Cr Gabriel Bani

Cr. John Abednego

Cr John Abednego

Mobile: 0409 482 382


P O Box 263,
Thursday Island Qld 4875

Residential address: 68 Waiben Esplanade, Rosehill, Thursday Island


Tourism, Arts & Culture, including Tourist Enhancements and Facilities, Tourist Industry Liaison also Torres Shire Tourism Steering Committee, Cultural Promotion

Register Of Interest - Councillor John Abednego

Cr. Allan Ketchell

Cr Allan Ketchell

Mobile: 0439 410 835


P O Box 332,
Thursday Island Qld 4875

Residential address: 7 Olandi Street, Thursday Island


Planning, Development and the Environment including, but not confined to Town Planning, Housing, Land Use, Ports, Rosehill and Quarantine Ramps, Town Beautification, Cemetery, Community Safety.

Register Of Interest - Cr Allan Ketchell

Cr. Thomas Loban

Cr Thomas Loban

Mobile: 0439 448 636


P O Box 206,
Thursday Island  Qld  4875

Residential address: 18 Clark Street, Thursday Island


Youth Sport & Recreation, Social Policy including, but not confined to, Community Events, Youth Affairs & Youth Council, Sporting Amenities, Social Policy, Partnerships with Community Organizations Also Indigenous Advisory Committee, Health & Education.

Register Of Interest - Cr Thomas Loban