Immunisation Requirements

Please see the information below from the Family Assistance Office website under “Child Care Benefit” regarding IMMUNISATION REQUIREMENTS :

Immunisation Requirements

To be eligible for family assistance, your children must meet the immunisation requirements if they are under the age of seven. To meet the requirements, your child must be:

  • fully immunised or up-to-date according to the Australian Standard Vaccination Schedule; or
  • on a catch-up vaccination schedule, or
  • you have an approved exemption for your child

Approved Exemptions

Your child is exempt from the immunisation requirements in the following circumstances:

  • you have been told by your doctor about the benefits and risks of immunising your child and you have a conscientious objection to immunising your child – your child's doctor or a recognised immunisation provider will need to complete a 'Medical Contraindication' form,
  • immunising your child with a particular vaccine is medically contraindicated,
  • the child has a natural immunity to a disease,
  • a vaccine is temporarily unavailable and this is specified in writing by a recognised immunisation provider or relevant authority,
  • you or your partner are a member of the Church of Christ Scientist and
  • you have a letter from an official of the Church advising that you are a practising member of the Church.