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Chapter 4 Part 5 Division 3 Local Government Regulation 2012

The categories, descriptions and identifications for the categories apply to all land contained within the local government area of Torres Shire Council are detailed in the following pages:

Categorisation of Land for Differential General Rates

Before a local government levies differential general rates, it must decide the different categories of rateable land in the local government area (Chapter 4 Part 5 Division 1 Local Government Regulation 2012). After the rating categories and descriptions have been decided, the local government must identify the rating category to which each parcel of rateable land in the local government area belongs. This is achieved by using relevant information from the Council’s land record and any other information in the Council’s possession which identifies the use of rateable land.

Rating Category for your Property

Your property has been included in the rating category stated on the attached rates notice.

Right of Objection

If you do not agree with the rating category into which your property has been placed, you may lodge an objection with the Council within 30 days after the date of issue of the rate notice. Objections must be submitted on the Notice of Objection form available from the Torres Shire Council Office or by calling our Customer Service on 07 40831200. This form has been designed to assist you in correctly lodging an objection to the categorisation of land however if you have any queries concerning your right of objection, please contact the Council.

Ground of Objection

The only ground for objecting is that the owner considers the land should belong to a different rating category (Chapter 4 Part 5 Division 4 Local Government Regulation 2012).

Other matters

Please note that giving notice of objection will not in the meantime affect the levy and recovery of the rates as specified in the rate notice. If as a result of your objection your property is included in another rating category, an appropriate adjustment of rates will be made from the commencement of the half-year in which your objection was lodged.


Dalassa Yorkston
August 2023