Ceo dalassa yorkston rz


Chief Executive Officer

Mrs Dalassa Yorkston
Email: dalassa.yorkston@torres.qld.gov.au

Executive Secretary

Ms Ethel Mosby
Email: ethel.mosby@torres.qld.gov.au

Director Corporate and Community Services

Mr Harish Nair
Email: harish.nair@torres.qld.gov.au

Director Engineering & Infrastructure Services

Mr Ed Kulpa
Email: ed.kulpa@torres.qld.gov.au

Director Governance and Planning Services

Mr Phil Turner
Email: phil.turner@torres.qld.gov.au

Manager Engineering Services

Mr Keith Yorkston
Email: keith.yorkston@torres.qld.gov.au

Manager Utilities

Mr Nicholas Sabatino
Email: nicholas.sabatino@torres.qld.gov.au

Manager Sports Complex

Mr Joseph Passi
Email: jpassi@torres.qld.gov.au

Manager Business Services

Mr David Abednego
Email: david.abednego@torres.qld.gov.au

Finance Manager

Ms Dorene Riley
Email: dorene.riley@torres.qld.gov.au

Airport Manager

Ms Gene Loban
Email: gene.loban@torres.qld.gov.au

Human Resource Manager

Ms Tanya Loban
Email: tanya.loban@torres.qld.gov.au

Regulatory Manager

Mr Joseph Sabatino
Email: joseph.sabatino@torres.qld.gov.au