Goals and Objectives

Tourism Development Action Plan

The Tourism Development Action Plan has been completed and currently operational. To view a copy of the plan, please contact the Torres Shire Library or Council Office on 40691336.

Conduct of a Tourism Survey

The Committee will pursue an independent tourism survey, seek the necessary funding and the support of the local tourism operators.

Close Liaison

The Committee will closely liaise with the TSRA and the new Councils (TSI Regional Council, NPA Regional Council) on tourism related matters.

Cape York Peninsula and Torres Strait Tourism Action Development Plan

The Committee will endeavour to assist TSRA and appropriate authorities to achieve the goals of this comprehensive plan.

New Promotion Brochure

Continue to provide visitors to the region with relevant information and brochures outlining goods and services we offer.

Information Kiosks

Information kiosks will be considered for installation at the Airport and other appropriate locations.

Networking Function

The Torres Shire Tourism Steering Committee will coordinate regular networking functions at suitable local venues and seek sponsorship for these proactive occasions.


The Committee will endeavour to promote the Torres Shire and region at appropriate expos, trade shows and by other appropriate means.


The Committee will endeavour to involve local operators and tourism related organisations in the Torres Shire Steering Committee activities.

Community Events

Assistance will be provided for the promotion of major events such as the Torres Strait Cultural Festival, Raft Race, Anzac Day Services, etc.

Visual Display

A visual display of local tourism attractions, businesses, and community organisations will be shown in the Council Office foyer and possibly at other appropriate venues on a 24/7 basis.