Public Notice - Water Restrictions to Continue


Water security and water supply are critical to our community and our Shire. Without guaranteed water supply, members of the community will not be able to access reliable water supply from the taps in our kitchens and our bathrooms without introducing further water restrictions. The Horn Island dam is solely reliant on rainfall to increase its capacity and 2020 has had a drier wet season so far compared to prior years.

Horn dam levels 27 06 2020

This year’s wet season delivered a rainfall that filled Loggy Creek Dam to 87.50% not 100%. Council is hopeful that the next wet season will fill the Dam to 100%. On average, our community uses between 2% and 5% per month, with evaporation being a major factor in the drier months. Due to the short-wet season in 2020, the Horn Island Dam is currently holding approx. 12.50% less water in 2020 compared with 2019.

Current Level 3 Water Restriction: Level 3 water restrictions mean Mondays are totally banned for all watering and including a sprinkler ban. Watering is restricted to allocated days and times per week. Watering cans or buckets filled directly from taps can be used at any time, but not on Mondays. Other bans are in place for paved areas, sports grounds, the washing of vehicles and boats (other than flushing boat motors) and with the construction industry.

Restrictions will revert back to Level 1 if the dam fills to 100% next wet season. Let us be water wise so that the whole community can share in this precious resource.

Dalassa Yorkston