Shire Origins

The Torres Shire Council administers the Muralag - TI Group of Islands (Waibene – Thursday Island, Ngurupai – Horn, Gealug – Friday, Mawai – Wednesday, Muralag – Prince of Wales and Palilug – Goods islands) as well as areas of the Northern Peninsula Area (NPA) of Cape York. The population of the Torres Shire totals approximately 4,600 people. A large population of temporary residents for educational, medical, recreational, travel and administrative needs are always present on Waibene and Ngurupai.

With the growth of population and the administrative centre on Waibene & Ngurupai, the provision of services and facilities has developed dramatically. Recent developments of the new sewerage plant and upgraded water supply have eased some of these pressures.

Torres Shire is a Shire literally on the sea. The main form of transport within the shire is by boat: commercial ferries, barge transport and private vessels. Vehicular transport is limited to the main islands and the NPA. Aerial transport offers rapid connections and transfers within the Torres Strait and to/from the Mainland