Proposed Shire Planning Scheme


The proposed planning scheme and proposed LGIP amendment were subject to public consultation from Monday 9 November 2020 to Tuesday 9 February 2021.

During the public consultation period a number of in-community events and stakeholder meetings were held.  A total of 218 people were consulted, consisting of 193 community members and 40 stakeholders.  A total of 32 formal submissions were received.

A detailed analysis of the feedback received was undertaken by Council, which resultedin a number of amendments to the proposed planning scheme.  Due to the extent and nature of the amendments made, Council decided to complete the reconsultation of the proposed planning scheme (as amended).  This reconsultation period ran from Tuesday 6 April 2021 to Thursday 3 June 2021.  During the reconsultation period one (1) formal submission was received.

Council's review of all submissions and comments during the consultation and reconsultation periods is documented in a revised Submissions Response Report, which can be viewed below.

- Submissions Response Report

- Appendix A - Documentation of Consultation Actions

- Appendix B - Redacted Submissions

- Appendix C - Submissions Matrix

- Appendix D - Consultation Notes

- Appendix E - Recommendations Matrix